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30th Mar 2015 | by: David Traub

I love getting SPAM! I usually make it a point to check my spam folder regularly. Why I LOVE SPAM

Why could that possibly be? Because, there is money in spam. Mixed in with all of the ads for discounts on flowers, Canadian pharmacies, books and CD-ROMs, and those emails that will show me how to make a million of dollars by next week without doing any work, there are emails that legitimately lead to business.

How often have you emailed a client, a prospect, or a friend and then they tell you that they didn’t get it? You may ask: “Oh, well, did you check your spam folder?” They then go check and there it is! Now you may wonder, when was the last time you took that advice, and checked your spam folder without having been told that someone sent you something you were looking for, and you couldn’t find it?

There is often money in your spam folder. I had a coaching client tell me recently that he lost a five-figure deal just a couple of months ago. This was because a prospect had sent him an urgent email that needed more information in order to be able to get approval on his project. There was a tight deadline to get that information, but my client never saw that email. It went into his spam folder and he almost never checks it or at least never used to check it at that time.

Now he follows my advice, at least once a week checks his spam folder. I tend to check at least twice a week. Recently though I had let this habit lapse, and when I finally checked last, I had 246 new Spam messages. Uggh!

I almost put off going through it because of how daunting the task seemed. In actuality it took about 10 minutes since most of it was what you expect in a spam folder and was easy to spot. There were lots of requests on doing SEO on my site. There were also lots of emails about stuff that would never possibly interest me. However, there were three emails that were actually from clients and prospects. Two of them were from prospects I had been trying to get ahold of. They wanted to talk to me and had given me a couple of times they may be available. One of those already has turned into a closed deal. That deal was money up front and monthly reoccurring fees. There even where 2 interview requests that I had missed.

So what should you do to make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity? No matter how often you’ve looked in your spam folder before, and never found anything of value. You should check it at least twice a week. It doesn’t take long; just skim through it and you’ll really quickly see whether there are real messages that may require your attention or reply. If you haven’t checked your spam folder in a while I recommend you do today!

Let me know below if you’ve ever checked your spam folder and found that either you missed, or actually found a good opportunity.

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About the Author: David Traub

David Traub - The Sales Strategist is a 2 time best selling author on Sales, has co-authored with Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy, and been a top producing front line sales pro for over 23 years. Even today, David spends most of every day engaging in real front-line sales conversations with prospects and customers so you can be sure that what he teaches is what is working in the real-world today.

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  • Mark says:


    I check my spam daily. It takes about 30 seconds. I find something of value at least once a week. Great tip!

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