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Hi There! I’m David Traub (That’s me on stage in the purple shirt with Mike Koenigs, Pam Hendrickson, and Paul Colligan talking about Selling Brilliantly), and welcome to my online home.

As a business owner, coach, consultant or independent professional, you are your own sales team; and becoming a great seller is critical to your success. However, sales skills may be something you don’t feel you have, or you may even feel that you can’t sell altogether. Or you may simply not be getting as much business as you want, but need a way to close more sales without feeling like you are being pushy or salesy. Maybe you are a full time sales professional and just want to focus on improving.

If any of that sound like you, then you are in the right place! You can find out more about me here, but for now lets focus on you and why you are here!

Through the material that I share here I’m going to show you proven, practical and easy-to-implement strategies to get more and better prospects, spend less time with tire-kickers and lead more people to take action on your offer faster than ever before, all without being pushy or salesy. As a result of using these strategies, you will double or even triple your sales over the next six to eleven months; some people can even do it in as little as 30 days.

According to business and sales expert and best-selling author Brian Tracy, “David’s ideas are proven, practical and easy to implement. Best of All they get results.”


Over a long and unexpected career in sales as a top performer, I’ve learned a of distinctions that can take you from getting average or poor sales results to getting brilliant results. Overall your sales success or the sales success of your business comes directly from how you apply a specific formula to getting sales for your business.

Sales Success = Smarts * Effort * Quality

Or put another way it is… What you know times what you do times how well you do it. That formula can apply to any area of your business or life, but here we’ll focus specifically on ways of improving in each portion of the formula specifically as it relates to selling your product or services.

If you are here, I’m sure you are putting a lot of effort into your business, but to maximize your sales results we will focus that you are maximizing your Sales Effort, not simply effort as a whole. I see many business owners working 60 hours, 80 hours or more a week, not getting the results they want. Often times they simply are not directing enough (or any) effort into actually getting and closing sales. We’ll help you figure out where you can focus your sales efforts, and do so in a way that is smart, and provides high quality results.

The bottom line is this site is about helping you Sell Smarter, Sell Better and Sell More.


I get frequent questions about where to start learning about selling, or improving sales skills. There is so much material out there so here are my suggestions of where to start off…

1) You should read my post on The Five Secrets of Top-Performing Sellers to understand the 5 key distinctions that differentiate every great sales performer from the rest.

2) Read through the post on A Simple 4.5 Step Sales System that will outline a simple model you can use to ensure maximum results and close more business than ever before.

3) Get a copy of my #1 Best Selling Sales and Marketing book, Team of One – Get the Sales Results of a Full Time Sales Team without Actually Having One. You can pickup a copy of the PDF version for FREE here.

4) The quality of the questions you ask your prospects and leads is one of the most important aspects of the sales process. Most people (including so-called professional sales people) do this wrong. I’ve put together a short guide to asking great questions. Questions that will help you convert mores prospects to customer faster than ever before. It’s a powerful guide. In fact, you’ll learn that by the time you ask the 4th question of a prospect, they will be justifying to you why they need your product or service.

You can get instant access to the Questions Report below.


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