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There are a number of ways you can work privately directly with David on growing your sales including:

Coaching and Mentoring with David

I work with individuals very differently than most coaches. Instead of asking you lots of questions and leading you on your own path of discovery, I’ll be focused on helping point you toward immediate results,  answering your questions about your real world sales and marketing situations.

Sessions take place by phone or Skype. Since the entire program is completely customized for you there is lots of flexibility, but a typical session might be formatted like this:

  1. We’ll start off with a quick update. What have you been up to? Where have you made progress since the last session? What challenges and opportunities are you working on now?
  2. Then we’re going to ensure you have some unaccountability in growing your business by reviewing progress you made on the action items from our last session.
  3. You’ll get a sales lesson that has been specifically prepared for you. I’ll teach step by step a specific skill that we’ve identified as being your highest opportunity for growth.
  4. Finally we decide on action items for our next session

Between sessions you’ll be asked to send me updates on your progress and you’ll receive reinforcement from me and will always have access to ask me questions by email between sessions.

Everyone needs a coach

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a baseball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or bridge player. – Bill Gates

Eric Schmidt Chairman and CEO of Google says the best advice he ever got was to hire a coach.

If you are serious about making more money and making more sales, you need to have a coach to help you get great at it. There are tons of topics that we can work on and where I can offer guidance. Some of the most common are:

  • Prospecting
  • Questioning Skills
  • Pre Call Planning
  • Time Management
  • Role Plays
  • Planning Sales Meeting for your team
  • Getting more sales from existing clients
  • Competing agains higher priced products and services
  • Working on your scripts
  • Perfecting your email templates
  • Leveraging technology and tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and more
  • Differentiating yourself from everyone else
  • Balancing sales activities with the rest of your business
  • Lead acquisition

What Makes My Coaching Different?
First, you get to work with me and I’m not some guru who hasn’t been in the field for years. I’m not just writing about sales… or teaching from the front of the room while never having to actually sell. I’m actively engaged in front line selling in the trenches every day and have been doing so for 25 years. What we are going to cover is what is working and getting me top performer results TODAY.

There are no contracts, pay in full up front for the entire program, or surprise charges that you’ll need to pay for CDs, seminars or a costly “initial assessment”. If at any time you think things aren’t working out you can cancel.

How do I get started?
Simply send me an email and I will reply with a few questions that I’l want you to answer within a couple days. From there we’ll schedule a call so we can talk and see if it’s likely we could work together well.

Once we decide to work together, there will be an initial assessment so I can get to know many more details about your starting point, but that assessment will be painless and is included with your fist month in the program.

To setup our call just email me at

Sales Script Review & Critique

During a Script Critique & Review you’ll spend 2 to 3 hours 1-on-1 with me getting expert guidance on your scripts. You’ll learn what you have thats working, and you’ll learn exactly how to improve them. We’ll work on everything from your prospecting scripts, appointment setting scripts, and even your closes.

At the end of the call you’ll get a recording of the entire thing and a transcript of the call will follow about a week later.

Are you winging it every time and don’t have any scripts yet? We can work with you to craft your scripts from scratch.

Either way, you’ll be working with a front line sales pro who has personally made over a quarter million sales calls and scheduled and ran over 6,500 sales appointments while generating tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Having a set of dependable sales scripts is one of the highest impact things you can do to grow your sales. With them you’ll see:

  • Dramatically improved sales results
  • Consistent sales revenues
  • Improved conversion rates
  • More productive sales meetings
  • Faster deal close times

To get started send an email to

10 Second Email Writing

In The 10 Second Sale – Write Powerful Emails That Help You Sell Smarter, Better and More, David teaches how to integrate powerful emails into your one on one sales process.

Instead of creating and customizing the emails yourself, we do all the heavy lifting for you. After an initial conversation about your product or services, your competitors, your customers and more we’ll tailor a complete set of emails for you to use in your own sales process. Everything from prospecting, to asking for references and testimonials, to finding the right contact at your prospect company and to ensure the most productive sales meetings you’ve ever had.

Write me at for more information on how we can get started.

Complete Sales System Critique, Design and Playbooks

We’ll help you get sales right. You’ll have the right processes and systems in place so you can handle every sales situation in an ideal an consistent manner every time. No more leaving it to chance. You’ll get a customized coaching plan and playbook focused on achieving your own goals.

  • Ready to hire a sales team, but don’t know how you’ll train or manage them?
  • Need to replicate your sales processes and results (or those of your top rep)?
  • Need an entire set of scripts? Or to standardize a great first client meeting?
  • Need a complete overhaul of your marketing and sales systems and process?

Many organizations never grow to full potential because the owner needs help to effectively hire and train sales reps to go out and get new business. Others don’t have a documented repeatable process that ensures the best sales results each time. Some companies end up with Sales Managers who act mostly as the “Super Seller” in the office, rather than really building the other reps into star performers.

When you engage Sell Brilliantly to craft your Sales Playbook we’ll address all of these issues with you. Your playbook will become your goto resource for running your entire sales operation including hiring and training of superstar performers.

We start by doing a quick assessment to identify your biggest barriers to achieving growth and I’ll suggest some immediate tactical changes to your process so you can get some immediate results while we continue our work.

Then in a matter of weeks (not months) we design, evaluate and improve every step of your sales process. We look for the places that have the most impact on your bottom line. We’ll look at everything… Marketing, prospecting, client meetings, pricing, proposals, drip marketing campaigns, active follow up, hiring and compensating sales reps, email templates and more. We’ll even look at what tools and resources you are using both strategically and tactically. We look just for the low hanging fruit, but everything that could have dramatic impact on your sales.

To find out more about a Sales System Playbook for your business email me at We’ll ask you to complete our “Sales Systems Checkup” so David can review where you are at now, do some research and then setup a time with you to share our thoughts about your current sales process. This process is completely free – and gives us the opportunity to determine if we are a good fit to work together on this sort of larger project.



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