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Some of My Favorite Sales & Persuasion Books

If you really want to kick up your persuasion and sales skills, reading any of the books on this list will help. Read them all and you’ll have a virtual Masters Degree in Sales and Persuasion. They are among those that have helped me the most out of the 100s I’ve read over the years.

The 10 Second Sale

Great for learning the right way to integrate 1 to 1 emails into your sales process.


Sales 2.0 for Dummies

Great introduction to integrating social media into your sales process


The Definitive Book of Body Language

We all know body language is important.  Best book I’ve seen on how exactly to read it.


The Closers

Told in story format, covers sales strategies, closing techniques, overcoming objections.  It’s an easy read and full of useful techniques.


The Psychology of Selling

Fantastic book that focuses on the Mindset part of Preparation.  Read anything on sales you can find from Brian.


The Ultimate Sales Machine

Masterful piece on turning any business into the Ultimate Sales Machine.  If you own a business, run a sales team, or treat your sales job as if it was your own business this book must be read.



Learn how to find highly motivated decision makers at EXACTLY the right time.

How to Win Friend & Influence People

One of the original “self-help” books and still a must read.  Anyone who wants to connect with and influence others either individually or in a group should get this book and read it.


To Sell is Human

Daniel explores the truth that the 8 out of 9 people the labor statistics show as not being in sales, actually are and how to maximize your potential influencing others.


You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar

David’s principles are great.  Powerful ideas and belongs on the bookshelf of anyone who sells.


The Sandler Rules: 49 Timeless Selling Principles

Tons or real world no-nonsense practical and actionable sales advice.


Unlimited Selling Power

Fantastic book on presentations and scripting.  Have this book handy any time you are working on a sales script, pitch or presentation.


Green Eggs and Ham

One of the GREATEST salesbooks ever written


How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

Selling can have great rewards, but it can also have some significant setbacks.  Frank talks about developing some of the mindset necessary to prosper despite the downsides of selling.  Fantastic Sales Mindset Book


Sell or Be Sold

Grant is another master who knows everyone sells.  His sales and influence principles are broken down in this book and easy to implement.


Selling the Invisible

Essential for anyone selling intangible solutions.


Little Red Book of Selling

Simple straightforward advice.  Loaded with basic principles of sales greatness

The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource

For a while I was limited to only 6 linear feet of Bookshelf space.  This was on of the first books I made sure had a home.  Beginning salesman or advanced, this book should be read and consulted often.


Agile Selling

Great actionable strategies to cope with a fast changing sales environment.


SNAP Selling

Focuses on how to speed up the sales cycle to get more appointments, faster decisions, and more wins.


Attitute 101

Another great mindset book.


It’s Called Work for a Reason!: Your Success Is Your Own Damn Fault

Larry takes a humours and blunt look at the reasons many people are frustrated in their careers and jobs.  His with provides great insights as to many things you could change that will impact your results.


The Challenger Sale

A great analysis of what top-performing reps are doing that the average (or worse) reps are doing.  The Challenger Sale does a good job showing how the top reps don’t focus on facts and features, but rather engage their customers with unique insights about how they can save or make money and tailor each sales message to the customers specific needs while not having to give in to every customer objection or request.


What Great Salespeople Do

A must read for anyone whose work involves influencing others.


This is a great guide to building the right promotional strategies, techniques and skills necessary to get more clients and increased profits.


SPIN Selling

The other of my favorites on Questions.  Neil’s research on what some sales calls are successful and others are not is groundbreaking.  It’s an absolute must read if you sell anything.


SPIN Selling Fieldbook

Companion workbook for SPIN Selling.  I’ve bought a new copy and gone through it cover to cover every time I’ve started a new sales job or consulting assignment.


The Game

A book about the underground seduction community may seem out of place here, but this fantastically funny book is chock full of fantastic sales advice and one of the most fun reads you’ll pick up this year.


The Greatest Salesman in the World

Fantastic story about the spirituality and philosophy of selling.  Everyone who sells should read this one.


Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting

Oren has successfully raised over $400 Million with his pitches.  His methodology to structuring your pitch is fantastic.


The New Strategic Selling

Not only does this masterpiece put together the pieces of how to nurse a complex sale through the process, but it shows how many things in your life is actually a comples sale.


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Great read on the psychology of why people say yes.  Understanding that is a key to getting more of them in your life no matter what you are selling.


Getting to Yes

Teaches a simple 5 step system for handling negotiations.  Very practical advice for all skill levels.


Winning through Intimidation

This entertaining book with a misleading title is a must read for business people.  Lots of stories to help illustrate how to not be intimidated and taken advantage of.


Secrets of Question Based Selling

One of my 2 favorites that focuses specifically on the art of asking the right questions.


How to Master the Art of Selling

Great book covering necessary and classic sales skills (yes there still is a need for old school sales skills).


Ziglar on Selling

Zig knew that selling is a rewarding profession, but has its own demands.  In this wonderful book he explores how to succeed and get past the pitfalls.



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