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My Do Not Do List – A list of the top 14 sales killing things you should NOT be doing.

US Area Code Chart – This 1 Page Printable Area Code Chart including time zones is very handy. At a glance you can tell where in the country and what time zone someone is in based on their area code.

2015 Sales Days Calendar – With this neat 1 Page Printable Calendar you’ll always know how many sales days there are for the current month or quarter.


Text Expander – Type more with less effort! TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures… This is my favorite time saving tool! It has literally saved me over 2 million key clicks this year already.

Evernote – Take and write notes, lists, and consolidate other data in one easy to use and search spot. Accessible from all your devices. This is an essential tool.

Jing – Enhance your online conversations with Jing. Capture what you see on the screen and annotate it. Still images and short videos. Great for demonstrating something online for people when you email them. I use it to demonstrate tasks for my assistant. Great for training on simple tasks.

Yesware – A very cool tool for sales and emails. It connects to your Gmail or Outlook and gives you tons of analytics about what happens after you click send. You’ll know when your email was opened, forwarded, how many times it was opened and start seeing statistics about which emails you send get the most replies and opens. Knowing when an email is opened, allows you to target your next follow-up as precisely as possible. It’ll allow you to send emails later, set reminders, and do mail merges for up to 200 people at once. If you run a sales team, it even will give you analytics across your entire team so you’ll know which reps emails end up being the most responsive. I definitely recommend that you give it a try. The very helpful folks over there have fantastic support and have even allowed me to arrange a two-month free trial for you.

Active Inbox – Turns Gmail into a task manager and keeps your Inbox clean. Never forget to follow up on another email. This is one of my 2 favorite tools. If I had to give up a tool, I might give up my CRM before I gave up my ActiveInbox!

TimeTrade – Let customer or prospect self schedule appointments with you showing your availability in real time.

PopClip – Automates over 100 tasks from selected text. Search Amazon, Google, LinkedIn just by selecting text. Or highlight a phone number and call it. Send text to Evernote, Twiter, Facebook or other apps.



Mastering Influence By Tony Robbins is one of my all time favorite persuasion courses. Its one that I repeat occasionally and always learn something new.

21st Century Sales Training by Brian Tracy is a great course that pulls back the curtain on the secrets of top performers. I had an opportunity to study with Brian directly at his office in San Diego and he really knows his stuff.

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