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1st Feb 2015 | by: David Traub

What do the world’s best sales pros do differently? What sets great sales people apart? It’s not what you might think. There is no snake oil involved. It’s not the ability to glad hand or talk about anything with anyone. It’s not being slick, it’s not being able to manipulate every conversation to trap your opponent. It’s not even about being extroverted and outgoing.

It is, however, the essence to the answer of one of the most common questions that I get asked is simply this: “How do I get more business?” It’s really a loaded question because there’s a lot that goes into it. But in essence, I have found that the top sellers, the best sellers in the world, all do some of the same things. Essentially, there really are five secrets that the top sellers in the world all do differently and better than everyone else.


The Five Secrets of Top Performing Sellers are:

Secret #1 – Follow a System

The first and perhaps the most important secret is that they follow a system: they don’t go haphazardly about their sales day; about their sales process; about their selling. They follow a very specific system. Early in my sales career I got cocky myself and stopped following the very successful sales system that my company had used for years. The result was I nearly got fired. After re-engaging myself in the sales system, I quickly rose to the top of the ranks, and by sticking with it became one of the top 50 sellers in a company with more than 2,000 worldwide sales reps.

In another post (I’ll put the link at the bottom of this article) I outline a simple 4.5 step sales system or model that you can adapt for you own use that I’ve personally used to close $10s of millions in sales.


Secret #2 – Spend Your Time Brilliantly

Secret number two is that top sellers spend their time brilliantly. They have found great ways of making sure that they’re super productive with their time; they’re making time and focusing that time on the high revenue-producing activities and doing things that are specifically designed to have an impact on their business. They make time to sell every day; they make time to find new prospects and new clients to talk to every day; and they make sure that every day, they have systems in place which keep them on track for doing exactly that.

They also leverage their time wherever possible to utilize tools, outsourcers, VA’s or any other way of making sure that everything they have to spend time on goes as efficiently as possible. Focusing your time on just the activities that directly generate revenue or provide value to your customers goes a long way.


Secret #3 – Get Rid of the Junk Quickly

The third secret is that they get rid of the junk faster. Many people spend a lot of time selling (or so they think), but really they’re just spending a lot of their time talking to customers who will never buy from them. They either aren’t qualified to make the decision, don’t have the dollars to make the decision or ultimately just are not really all that interested in doing business or solving the problems that you’ve talked to them about. They may be willing to talk to you, but they aren’t going to turn ultimately into business. The top performers find ways (and there are systems for doing that) of identifying the people who are not likely to do business with them and subsequently, they spend less and less time with them.


Secret #4 – Close more business faster

Secret number four is that they close more business faster. Now you may be thinking, “Oh, boy, that sounds obvious. The people who are closing the most business are doing it faster than others.” Well, yes, but it’s not just a natural thing that is happening; it is because they are specifically finding ways and focusing on the things that cause more business to happen faster. They tend to have a higher average deal size; they’re always looking for ways to increase the amount of business that each project is doing. They’re not just closing small deals; they are making it obvious for their customers that it’s in their benefit to do larger deals.


Secret #5 – Learning Continuously

The final secret is that they’re always learning. The top performers in sales are always focused on improving their sales goals. They go to seminars; they read books; they practice their pitches. That’s something that you just don’t see the average performers doing. It’s something that you should be doing in your business. You need to apply this principle not only to being a great Consultant, Coach, Doctor, or Carpenter, but also to constantly getting better at your actual selling.

To learn about the simple 4.5 step sales system that I mentioned, you can jump to this article here.

Or to get a FREE PDF copy of my #1 Best Selling Sales and Marketing book, Team of One – Get the Sales Results of a Full Time Sales Team without Actually Having One, where I go into more detail about the 5 Secrets and the 4.5 Step Simple Sales System, just enter your name and email below.

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About the Author: David Traub

David Traub - The Sales Strategist is a 2 time best selling author on Sales, has co-authored with Marketing Legend Dan Kennedy, and been a top producing front line sales pro for over 23 years. Even today, David spends most of every day engaging in real front-line sales conversations with prospects and customers so you can be sure that what he teaches is what is working in the real-world today.

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