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If you’re struggling to get as much business, revenue or sales as you’d like for your business, then you are at the right place.

If you want to learn to Sell More Business Faster than ever before, or

To spend less time with prospects who don’t buy, and

Dramatically increase your income,

Then you are in the right place too!

Even if you’ve been successful in business for years, improving your ability to get and close deals can be critical to that continued success. If you are a business owner, a coach,a consultant or an independent professional, you are essential your own sales team. Mostly likely you are great at what you do… Coaching, Consulting, Marketing, Plumbing, Doctoring, and the like, but you’ve not considered yourself a sales pro even though it’s critical to your success. If you don’t learn how to get and close deals though, particularly in today’s changing times, you’ll find yourself struggling at some point.

While this is my personal blog, it’s really my place to help share all the strategies, tools, techniques, tips and tactics that you need to be able to close as much business as you want to.

Best Selling Author and Sales Expert Brian Tracy says:

“David’s Ideas are proven, practical and easy to implement. Best of All they get results.”



My name is David Traub – the Sales Strategist. When I started college I knew really only one thing about what I wanted for a career. I did NOT want to go into sales. I considered myself a bit of a flaming introvert and hated the idea of having to talk to and pressure people into something for a living. Through an odd twist of fate, it’s the only thing I’ve ever done and it’s been great. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thanks to some great mentors early on, I learned that selling is not about high pressure tactics, or getting people to do something they don’t want to or that is not in their best interest. Its just the opposite. It’s simply about having interesting conversations with people that help them decide to take an action to help themselves.

With so many sales experts out there, why should you listen to me? First of all, unlike many experts, I spend most of my time every day on the front lines of selling. I’m having active, real world sales conversations every day. I’m not years removed from my craft. You can be sure that what I’m teaching is what is working, generating business for myself and my clients in the real world TODAY.

I’ve also got a history of getting results myself. With the help of those early mentor’s (and a lifetime of continually studying the craft of selling), I’ve had some success at it. As a frequent President’s Club Member I have personally closed tens of millions of dollars of product and services sales, seven figure dollar deals, and have set several sales records (at least one still stands from over 19 years ago). As a sales manager, and coach my teams have repeatedly reached previously unprecedented levels.

In addition to my own sales results, I’ve authored 2 #1 best selling books on the topic and co-authored with marketing legend Dan Kennedy. After the launch of my 2nd book, The 10 Second Sale, I even was ranked by Amazon in the top 100 Business & Investing Authors.

“David Traub is THE go-to man for answers to any questions regarding marketing strategies and sale strategies.” – Susan Mara


David with Tony Robbins 2 DSCN0237-PS

It’s been a mission of mine to constantly improve. As such I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading and studying the best in marketing, sales and persuasion and distill the best of it for you. The training I’ve gone through would cost 10s of thousands of dollars to replicate (and some of it isn’t even available publicly). Just a sampling of the training I’ve attended and experts that I’ve studied with includes: Spin Selling, Coaching Spin Selling, Customer Centric Selling, Sandler Sales, Kendrick Cleveland, Tony Robbins, Joe Polish, Mike Koenigs, Jeffrey Gitomer, Brian Tracy, Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, John Assaraf, Pam Hendrickson, Ryan Deiss, Bo Eason, Clint Arthur, Peter Gruber, Larry Steinmetz, Michael Bosworth, Ben Gay III, Duane Lankin and many more.

“David stands out as the consummate professional who always manages to do the impossible. He landed the biggest clients, overcame the toughest negotiations, and had the most loyal customers.” – Mark Winburn


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